Trust your business with someone who is passionate about what you do

For me, WHO I provide my services to is equally important as WHAT services I offer. I want to be your partner, therefore, it’s important that I work alongside people whose profession I believe in. If you are a Coach, Holistic Practitioner or provide a product or service in the Health and Wellness industry, I’d love to connect with you.

Simplifying your business and helping you share your gift with the world

A Virtual Assistant can make your life easier by taking care of many business activities that will help you succeed. Here is a listing of the types of services I can provide. Let’s work together and grow your business!

Writing and Editing – Allow me to help ensure every piece of communication your company puts out is professional and error-free.

E-Marketing – Want to stay in touch with leads and clients? I can help by writing, designing and distributing valuable content to your target audience.

Blogging, Website and Social Media Management – We both know how valuable an online presence is, but what a time sucker! Trust me to keep your target audience informed and that your online presence is well written, graphically appealing and professional.

Webinar Support – Have a desire to conduct webinars or provide Facebook/YouTube Live events but find it overwhelming? Allow me to help you facilitate these fun and interactive activities.

Event Planning – Whether you are planning a live event or an online summit, I can help you coordinate the logistics, promote your event and provide follow-up support.

Sales Support – Whether you’re looking at ways to generate new leads, or you require help with following-up on leads and current clients, we can come up with a plan that will keep you top of mind and increase your bottom line.

Project Management – Do you have too many balls in the air to complete a specific project? Allow me to manage all aspects and ensure deadlines are met.

Strategic Planning – When you’re a sole proprietor sometimes you just need someone to brainstorm with. I love collaborating with like-minded people and developing marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

Administrative Support – Perhaps you need someone to help keep things on track and ensure your leads and clients are receiving the best customer service possible. I’m here to support these needs as well if required.

Contact me to discuss your business needs and get a risk free quote, today!